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Arctic microbial ecology field trip and lab course

an undergraduate adventure at UnAk

Next available course will be held in 2023

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Arctic microbial ecology?

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2022 course has been cancelled. It will likely be held next in 2023. See this page for a short description of planned sampling trips. 

Fascinating microbes in extreme environments
Field trips in the rugged landscapes of northern Iceland


Extreme microbes in extreme habitats. We want to know all about them. Check out our sampling field trips here.

Discoveries: strange bugs with strange properties


ÖVN 1108 is a research/discovery-based course with most field and lab work designed with the goal in mind to eventually lead to publishable discoveries. Read about some of the discoveries ÖVN staff and students have made while working on the course.

International students and staff


The course may be based in northern Iceland, but it's run in part by Universities abroad and we've had students from more than a dozen nationalities all over the world. The course is run, organized and taught by a crack team of experts from diverse backgrounds.

Intensive, ambitious lab work programme


The course is intensive. We work from dawn till dusk every day (in the long Arctic summer, mind you!) using both traditional and cutting-edge methodology, giving students as rounded an experience as possible in only two weeks.

Student resources 


Here you will find some resources for prospective students.

Student experiences


Watch videos where students have recorded their impressions of the course.

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