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Student impressions.

In the 2013 and 2014 courses, students were asked to create short videos, recording their impressions of the course. Here are a few of their videos.

Jonathan and Veena 2013

Video by Jonathan Ashall and Veena Tailor, students at Reading University.

Ana and Kiera 2013

Video by Ana Cruz and Kiera Cox, students at Reading University.

Þórhildur and Jonathan 2013 

Video by Þórhildur Edda Eiriksdóttir and Jonathan Brodie, students at Akureyri and Reading Universities.

Birna, Lauren and Vincent 2014

Video by Birna Björgvinsdóttir, Lauren Vallence and Vincent de Paul Bigirimana, students at Akureyri, Reading and Ghent Universities.

Nelisa and Evette 2014

Video by Nelisa Tebeka and Evette Hillman, students at Jacobs University Bremen and Reading University.

Joshua and Fey 2014

Video by Joshua Frenster and Feyisara Olorunleke, students at Jacobs University Bremen and Ghent University.

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